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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Nursing my nursling

This past Tuesday marked my first anniversary with Grub and our nursing relationship, I say relationship because it involves a lot of trust and mutual agreement to keep the relationship strong. Things have changed remarkably since we first started out, what first comes to mind is the length of time it takes to nurse and the number of times a day. I remember feeling like I was constantly on the couch with my breasts out and Grub attached to them, when I let down, a surge of milk would come flooding out wetting what felt like everything. I was constantly sticky and smelt like milk ALL the time. As you can most likely tell, I didn't enjoy the first few months of breast feeding.

Grumpy MamaKoo

Not to mention the latch problems and unbelievably sore nipples (I would have rather go through labor again). I remember crying, not wanting to nurse because it hurt too much and becoming depressed because I felt I couldn't give my baby the best start in life.

First time nursing didn't hurt, Grub was 2 months

Nursing becoming a breeze

Perfecting the lying down position

I'm so happy I persevered, it becomes unbelievably easier, to the point where Grub has become such a professional, she knows exactly what to do.

Starting to fall in love with nursing

I love some things that have stayed the same
  • She still needs me and wants me above all other people
  • When she latches her head automatically drops as if I'm always going to be there to catch it
  • The way her eyes roll back in ecstasy when she first gets a taste of my milk
  • The way she looks at me when she nurses, like I'm the most important person in her world

I love some of the things that have changed
  • Time and frequency of feeding!!!
  • The inventive nursing positions that shes coming up with
  • Her humming her nursing song while nursing
  • The way she strokes my side or plays with my amber necklace
  • When she needs to touch and stroke her hair

One year! Woo hoo!


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