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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

An hour outdoors

As Grub is getting older, I think its very important for her to spend time outdoors everyday, weather permitting. Providing Grub an environment that allows her access to the outdoors, I feel will help her become closer to nature and therefore appreciate and respect the wonders that nature offers. Besides children naturally love the outdoors, so a good time should be had by all.

So I've promised myself to try and get outside for at least an hour a day and then on weekends we have outdoor family time too. Even if its just our daily walk around the neighbourhood, I'll stop and allow Grub to feel different textured leaves, smell flowers, look at the cat following us on the fence. To stop and look for birds while I try to name what type they are. Its all about stopping and allowing her to absorb and learn from her environment. We're already teaching her about seasons, plants, animals, textures, sounds and shes just loving it.

Early morning at Playford lake

Taking it all in

Last weekend we spent our outdoor family time at Belair National Park, Mike insisted we take Grub somewhere with lots of tree and birds. We definitely got both. We found a variety of birds including a variety of ducks, the Australian Wood Duck, Pacific Black Ducks and hybrids of Mallards.

Hybrid Mallards

An Australian Magpie gave me a fright and swooped at me, Magpies are known for their aggressive behavior around mating season.

Magpie starring at me after its attack

Dusky Moorhens followed us basically all the way around Playford lake, hissing, the way they do. I think the water birds thought we had brought food because they were crowding us and acting abnormally friendly.

Dusky Moorhens chasin' and a hissin'

Surrounded by Dusky Moorhens

On the other side of the lake I spotted a Koala perched in a tree not far beyond the path we were on. Mike and Grub went in for a closer look and to Mike's delight the Koala had a joey with her. We had a brief chat to Mama Koala, Mike told her she was doing a good job at raising her baby and that he wished her all the luck in the world. Grub was mesmerised by Mama K, she wouldn't stop starring at her and every now and then would wave and add a 'hello'.

Mama K and her little joey

Grubs in love

Moments like these bring the family closer

Its moments like these, unaided by man made objects like television or even books or toys allow you to appreciate the natural beauty of things, it allows families to come closer and find happiness from 'simplistic' joy.


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