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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Outdoor hour - Cleland Wildlife Park

My love for Australian native flora and fauna has pushed me in the introduction of natives to Grub. Ranging from walks at our local national park, to reading Australian theme books and teaching her the names of animals. One of Grub's favourite books at the moment is The Bush Jumper, its about a koala named Mitty and her friends emu, echidna and wombat.

When reading books to her that involve animals, I often find myself wondering what she thinks about the characters, does she know they are fiction? Koalas don't really wear jumpers!

So show her animals in a toddler friendly environment, where she can see, feel and feed animals, we decided to head outdoors and take her to Cleland Wildlife Park in the Adelaide Hills. Normally I don't like visiting wildlife parks or zoos, I feel sorry for the animals in small enclosures. But I feel Cleland is one of South Australia's leading wildlife parks, you can be sure to go there and feel like the animals are well looked after and some have free range over larger areas.

Here are some of the photos I took on our family outing.

She now knows, koalas don't wear jumpers.


Do you think its important for your little ones to learn about native wildlife? How do you encourage your children to be involved in things that interest you?

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