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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Plastic free update

Its been six months since I made a vow to go plastic free and I thought I'd update about my plastic free journey... I must admit and accept that its not going to plan.

Its A LOT harder than I first thought it would be. Simple things like finding a non plastic packaging alternative to buying milk. I know what you're thinking.. "MamaKoo, haven't you heard?! Milk comes in cartons!" but did you know, cartons are made from cardboard lined with a polyethylene plastic? What happened to the days of old, where milk was delivered to your door in glass bottles?

I think although I haven't been able to make the full transition, trying to go plastic free has made me rethink the things I would have purchased in the past, try to find alternatives and in doing so has made me find different and wonderful places to shop. Its made me slow down and live life more simply, appreciate the things I have access to and forced me to start making things I normally would buy (which I enjoy doing!).

Hopefully down the track we can become an almost plastic free family, I really think that at this time in history becoming COMPLETELY plastic free is a near impossibility. We can always try, can't we?

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