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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Free Energy Efficient Lighting

Just a note: I'm not a representative of this company, I'm just speaking from my own experience.

I've just finished having my house's light bulbs changed over to energy efficient lighting for.. FREE! Yes, free!

Through the assistance of State and Federal government schemes a carbon reducing company called Green Home Green Planet are on a mission to change as many light bulbs as possible. They've changed some 400,000 energy efficient light bulbs for their customers free of charge. I found out about this wonderful scheme due to pure coincidence when a representative came to my door. At first I thought he was selling something, so if you happen to have a representative come past your house, don't turn them away!
The benefits of this program include;
  • A reduction in your electricity bill
  • A reduction in carbon emissions
  • Making a positive contribution to slowing climate change
  • Reducing peak demand for electricity companies, therefore reducing the need for costly network investment (which appears as additional cost on your bill)
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate fire risk from overheating quartz halogen down lights
  • Lower running temperatures mean less need for air conditioning 

They're also offering free home energy assessments and have a wide range of products to help create a more energy efficient home or business.


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