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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Photo Discovery Box

This is a super easy playtime idea for babies who have progressed to grasping objects and young toddlers who have become inquisitive and love looking at familiar people. Its also a fantastic way to teach them the names of people who are in and around their lives.

I sifted through my photo box and picked out a few photos, including ones of Grub's Grandparents, Uncles, Aunties and of our family pets. She especially loves the animal photos because she can make the corresponding noise.
Kindly, my Aunty gave me an old wicker sewing box which was the perfect size for the photos and for Grub to maneuver. I placed the photos inside and presented her with the box.

At first she didn't realise you could open the box, until I showed her by opening it a little and then closing it again. She said her usual 'OooOooh!' with the excitement of something new. She spent sometime opening and closing the lid, to perfect the movement, then we looked at all the photos of everyone while I named who they were. The photo discovery box held her attention for a good 30 minutes, which in baby language is a LONG time.

In essence, I'm making my own flash cards out of real pictures. Young minds learn best when looking at a realistic representation of an object, not a flashy cartoon version. At the moment they're her favourite toy to play with but I can easily swap photos in the discovery box and her photo frames to keep her attention and build on her knowledge of familiar faces and names. Not only this but I can expand to pictures of animals, fruits, vegetables, flowers, anything that I would like Grub to become familiar with.


I think over time I'll create more discovery boxes for Grub with different themes and textures. She loves it so much.


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  1. Elizabeth de Fredrick9 September 2011 at 15:05

    Great idea, we've found it particularly useful to show Hawk photos of Grandparents because he doesn't get to see them very often, but I never though of putting them in a box for him to do-it-himself. Also love the idea of photos of veggies etc - I might steal that one if you don't mind. ;)